Song of Creation

The prophetic verses of the Song of Creation has preoccupied the efforts of sages and diviners of many ages and races for the following reasons:

1. The Song is old. As early as the first recorded chronicles, the Song is referred to, if not quoted.

2. The Song is dispersed and consistent. Many old races have records of the Song, including the Fey, Dwarves, Giant, Orcs, and Man. Although the languages are different, the structure, the sections, excerpts and omitted parts are identical.

3. The Song is prophetic. The Song has prophesied the end of each of the three Ages, the cataclysm of each Age, the rise of Avanteen Empire, and the civil war. Scribes, Sages, and Scholars do not disagree this point.

4. The Song is irrefuted. None of the divinities or the dogma of any religion has challenged the prophetic character of the Song.

The research and collection of the Song is a principal area of study for the Loremasters. It is still unknown whether the collection of the Song in any archive or relic, is complete. It is assumed that various races, religions, and persons, hold unpublished parts of the Song for their own agenda.

Song of Creation

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