Here are some of the more notable organizations in the lands:

Purifiers (“Pures”) Symbol: Red Flaming Sword on white field. Common Knowledge: Has chapters in every major human city. It is supposed to be a religious sect that denounces all the gods as pretenders. The chapter houses are organized in a paramilitary fashion and attract a lot of the commoners and peasants. Espouses charity and public works to improve the life of all persons. Declared philosophy: Consider the gods as immoral, carnal and selfish beings.

Hunters’ Society (“The Hunters”) Symbol: White Hart Antlers on Black Field Common Knowledge: The Society is spread across the lands touching the Inland Sea, and maintains hunting lodges in all the major human cities. The Society promotes and supplies adventurers and expeditions to hunt, capture, or kill, monsters that either pose an ongoing threat to civilization, or whose threat is unknown. The accomplishments of various hunters are periodically published and have become popular fare. Declared philosophy: Civilization requires actively studying and eliminating monsters.

Loremasters Society (“Torchbearers”) Symbol: A single white flame on grey field. Common Knowledge: The Loremasters, or the Torchbearers as they are commonly referred to, is a loose affiliation of mages, universities, colleges, guilds, merchants, sages, cartographers, and adventurers who study, investigate and publish findings of ancient civilizations, lost artifacts, and creation song myths. Each major human city, and some humanoid cities, contains a Loremaster House were annual meetings are held and where works are published. Declared philosophy: Knowledge of the ancients are lost, but not forgotten.

Order of the Covenant (“Covenant Knights”) Symbol: A golden eagle shooting eight rays on a black field. Common Knowledge: The Order consists of knights, warriors, rangers, and priests that guard a large valley in the Stormcloud Mountains, southwest of the Western Empire. The Order recruits from throughout the lands of the Inland Sea and all the human realms allow them passage and, nominally, support their cause. The Order benefits from an imperial decree of the old Empire and a oath sworn by all the western principalities, known as the Edict of Ten Kings. The Oath requires all the people to provide warriors, arms, and supplies to Sanctuary. It is generally understood by the common people that the Order defends the Inland Sea from unspeakable horrors living in the Scar. Declared philosophy: Sanctuary must be protected.


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