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Welcome to my game. I am working on a home-brew campaign. This will take some time.

My initial concept is a fractured world, at the end of an empire, with barbarians at the gates. Think Byzantium during the time of Attila the Hun. The players will start during a period referred to as the Time of Troubles.

The principal setting will be in the Avanteen Empire. The Empire maintains order through its laws, commerce, and the ever presence of Guardsmen.

The players will be aware of general Geography and some of that knowledge will enhance the roleplay aspect of the game. Adventure may lie in the terrors of The Scar land.

The campaign will also involve several Organizations, that the party may interact with, or join.

Game mechanics will be 4E D&D with some small rule enhancements, including House Rules, Combat, Backgrounds and Weapons.

Check back in a couple of months.

Main Page

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