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Welcome to the Twilight of the Gods Campaign Setting for 4E Dungeons and Dragons.

All the major religious traditions acknowledge the Song of Creation, a collection of prophetic verses. Legend has it that it was sung by the creator gods in their divine language, and that the races understood the song differently and have different interpretations. However, general themes are acknowledged and agreed on by all the major scholars and sages of the various races and religions. All things come to an end, even gods.

  • The blood of the pious, two roses black and white, born aloft to heaven, poisons the ear of Thunder [mark], Woe to the [mark] gods.
  • The rat [mark] steals the heart of the moon, Twice punished, his heart steeled [mark], the ravens are silent in the moors, Woe to the [mark] gods.
  • The lion of the winter, is hunted in [mark] fields, wounded and muzzled at [mark] rock, he tears and devours the sun, Woe to the [mark] gods.

A passage from the Song of Creation, Avanteen text.

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