The known realm consists of various lands touched by the Inland Sea, once entirely ruled by the Avanteens, and now, a collection of disparate kingdoms, baronies, and wastelands.

The Inland Sea, so the sages instruct, was created when the land was struck by the Hammer of Calvin, destroying the First Empire of Man. Today, the Sea is the principal communication, transportation and trade route of all the civilized realms.

The lands surrounding the area where the Inland Sea meets the Great Ocean, are held by the Western and Eastern Empire. At the mouth of the Inland Sea, a short isthmus of land contains the capital of the Eastern Empire, Ansuur.

The Western Shores of the Inland Sea are occupied by various principalities. The lands west of the principalities are untamed and, in large part, unexplored. Endless tracts of virgin forests extend westward. In the southwest, lies the fortress-city of Sanctuary, where the Order of the Covenant, stand vigil over the aberrant horrors that fester in the cursed lands of Scar.

The Eastern Shores of the Inland Sea are occupied by various vassal states of the Eastern Empire.

The Northern Shores of the Inland Sea are inhabited by various humanoids, including the Fey Realms, or the Veil, and the Bone Marches. Of the Bone Marches, only nightmares are known. Occasionally, strange ships captained by tall cloaked figures known as Adepts are reported plying the cold waters. Ruins of ancient origin dot the fog-enshrouded coast. Humans do not frequent the Northern Shores.

Farther north, is the Dwarvish Kingdom of Canaar Thule and the monster infested badlands known as Hotash Slaay.

The eastern edge of the realms is bordered by jagged mountains, the Iron Crown.

In the far east, beyond the light of civilization cast by the Avanteens, lies rugged steppelands ruled by the Horselords.

The Ocean that lies to the south of the Inland Sea is mostly uncharted, except for the island nation of Hurn. Hurn holds a monopoly over transoceanic trade and diplomacy as a result of its unrivaled seafarers and vessels.

Occasionally, exotic foreigners from unknown lands visit the realm, but only they, and perhaps the navigators of Hurn, know exactly where they come from.


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