Avanteen Empire

The Avanteen Empire, commonly referred to as the “Empire”, is the oldest and most storied human kingdom of the lands. At its height, the Empire covered all the lands touched by the Inland Sea, and controlled large sections of the interior heartlands.

100 years ago, the Empire split at the conclusion of a long and bloody civil war, creating two states, West Avanteen and East Avanteen. The civil war was caused, Westerners claim, by the abolition of the senate and the rise of a tyrant, Emperor X’arnus. The bloodshed was only ended after a compromise brokered by neutral states in the Edict of Two Skies.

The Western Empire maintains a representative democracy, through the Senate, and has attempted to promote peaceful ties with its neighboring kingdoms. The Westerners are currently ruled by Emperor Aetus.

The Eastern Empire has abolished the Senate and now is ruled by Emperor, his polearchs, and the plebiscite (a group representing the common citizens).

In its glory days, the Empire provided all the virtues of civilizations, including arts, trade, standardized weights, coinage, letters of credit, banking, engineering, and the universal language referred to as the “common” tongue.

Some of the virtues still persist to this day. All Avanteens acknowledge the four virtues: Arete-personal excellence; Anosom-stoicism; Aetis-fair dealing; and Acantis-reciprocity (usually in the sense of an eye-for-an-eye).

Avanteen Empire

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